Wedding Updos To Suit The Shape Of Your Face

Your big day is almost here and you are in a flurry trying to sort out all the details so you can have a day that is special and memorable. Your look is one thing you and everyone else will be very keen on. However, one mistake we often make in choosing a hairstyle is to go for one that looked great on a model in a magazine or on a friend or in an advertisement we saw somewhere. A key consideration we often fail to make is the shape of the face. This determines what would suit us best and what is absolutely forbidden no matter how great it looks on someone else. Just like there are body shapes like the hourglass, straight and others that determine what kind of clothes we would look most flattering in, the same goes for the shape of the face and hairstyles.What Shape Is Your Face?

  • Get a mirror
  • Stand or sit in front of it
  • Use lipstick to draw the outline of your face
  • Determine what the final shape is

Having done the exercise above, look at the following tips to know what hairstyle suits you best and which accessories and outfit would look best with it.

Accessories for you hairRound Shape Face

You have a round face if your face is as long as it is wide and it is fullest at the cheeks. The best hairstyle for such hair is one that would either be drawn upwards in an up do to deflect the round shape or let down so that the length going downwards takes away from the roundness. For short hair, a halo-like style lie a crop of curls complements the round shape and thus the circular face shape is not so outstanding.
Accessorize with: long, drop ear-rings that draw away from the roundness and a long chain rather than a short choker or necklace that will make the neck look shorter and bring out the roundness of the shape. Avoid small, circular ear rings.
Dress in; if you have long hair which you will put up or let down, go for a V-shaped outfit. It will let more of the hair going down be seen and if the hair is put up, it will create an illusion of length between the hair and the body as it will draw the eye downwards. Sweetheart necklines are also alright but avoid circular shaped necklines which will keep the eye focused around the face and neck instead of drawing it downwards.Oval Shaped
You have an oval face if the width of your face is about half of its length. Such a face type is fortunate because you do not have to play down the length or width of it. Therefore you can get away with almost anything in choosing a hairstyle. An up do would make the face and neck look long and elegant, and one where the hair is left free would also look great. If you choose to let the hair free, do something around the cheeks to broaden it out so the length of your face is not as visible and the oval shape is played down. You can do this attractively with hair that is flipped outwards in little flicks at the ends or curls around the face.

Accessorize with: again, you have a lot of choices – long, drop ear rings or medium ones that are square or circular. However, avoid very chunky ones that would look unsuitable if you are wearing a medium-length or simple chain around your neck.
Dress in: you can go for the classic V-shape that flatters all body types. You can also get away with a circular neckline because of the length of your face.Square Shaped
Your face can be described as square-shaped if it is as wide or almost as wide as it is long but the broadest part is at the jaw line rather than at the cheeks as it is with a round face. Also, the face is angular rather than full at the jaws.

A good choice of hairstyle for such a face shape is a bob whose length preferably goes past the ears. This is great for disguising the square shape, with the hair either straight and then flipped inwards or in loose waves which may show the shape but softens it with the waves.

If your hair is long, avoid up dos which will emphasize the square shape but choose a style where the length of the hair runs downwards so that the square shape is deflected. You can also keep the hair straight with volume and play down the square shape, or volumize it with curls or waves mid-length from where it falls around the ears. Dead- straight hair from tip to toe is not flattering for this face type.
Accessorize with; anything but small, circular ear rings or a short necklace or choker. The idea should be to make the eye go downwards away from the jaw line. Long chains or long, double-stranded necklaces such as pearls would work well. Long or tear-drop ear rings would also look good.
Dress in; a V-necked gown to draw the eye down or a sweet- heart neckline would also focus below the broad jawbone. To take emphasize away from the top, you can also go for an outfit that is plain on top but that has a lower half that is more eye-catching.Heart Shaped
This is another fortunate face shape that can get away with almost anything. This face type is so called because it represents the shape of a heart. It is angular and is narrower at the jaw than it is at the forehead and around the cheekbones, ending in chin that is pointed.

In terms of hair, people with heartshaped faces also don’t have to work too hard to achieve the look they want. They look good in hair that is pulled up high, pulled back in a sleek chignon or bun, tumbling over the shoulders or a short cropped cut.

The only thing to avoid is a cut that directs the eye towards the pointed chin such as a bob that ends around the chin, although chin length hair would look good in waves or curls that deflect the pointed chin.
Accessorize with: ear rings that are a bit chunky rather than long and narrow. Either circular, square, or tear-drop ear rings look good as do any othesr that don’t have a narrow point like the chin.
Dress in; you can get away with the circular, square or sweetheart neckline. You can also choose to show off the long neck thanks to the narrow face shape.Long Face
With this face shape, the face is almost as wide at the forehead as it is at the chin but it is longer from forehead to chin than it is wide. With this face, the hair should be styled with the aim of adding an illusion of width to hide its length. A halo of short curls would look great or a bob with lots of volume. Straight hair styled in any way would not look good at it would emphasize the length of the face as would hair that is pulled up. Always choose waves or curls create fullness and roundness against the length.

Accessorize with: hoops are great for this face shape as the roundness takes away from the narrow length as are any ear-rings that have a circular base. Long, narrow ones are not good because they add on length as do small circular ones that also bring out the length as they appear so small against the face. Chunky shaped ones are also a good choice.
Dress in: a circular neckline would reduce the length of the face as would a sweetheart neckline. Also suitable are short necklaces like a choker or chains which have the same effect. This is one face type which should avoid the V-neck which will add on to the length.Final Thoughts
For this very special day, take the time to consider your face shape as you choose your hair style. It is one of the key reasons why one person looks great in a particular style, while no matter how well done just doesn’t sit right on another person.

Play around with different styles with the shape of your face being the key consideration. Then go out and dazzle all and enjoy your big day.

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