Top 6 Wedding Hair Accessories and Tips on Great Bridal Hairstyles

Brides are notoriously particular with the details of their wedding, particularly when it comes to their dress and their overall look for that very special day. Bridal hairstyles have evolved over the course of history, but the one thing that remains relevant is the use of wedding hair accessories.

If you are a bride scouting for the perfect hair style for your wedding, it is a good idea to take a look at some of the best wedding hair accessories available today. Listed below are valuable tips on how to achieve the perfect looking hair on your wedding day and which hair accessory would be best to use.Wedding Tiaras
A great number of brides spent most of their childhood fantasizing about how a prince or knight in shining armor would sweep them off their feet. One of the ways by which brides can feel absolutely royal is opting to use a tiara as their wedding hair accessory. One of the best things about tiaras is that they require a very simple foundation, like a basic bun. Stylists usually recommend tiaras for brides who prefer their hair to be up and away from their face. There is a wide range of choices as far as style so you can be sure to find one that would suit your style and personality.Bridal Headbands

For brides with a youthful taste in accessories, headbands would definitely make for great hair accents. Some brides who have initially chosen tiaras as their accessory often change their minds after seeing a few samples of wedding headbands. Headbands also attract brides because it caters to practically all types of hairstyles so there is no need for compromise.

This particular piece is in fact very simple in constitution, but it certainly does not hold back in style and flair. Another great thing about headbands is that they are extremely diverse as far as the type of materials used, size, and design. For brides who want to entertain a wide range of choices as far as style is concerned, headbands would prove to be a great pick since practically all imaginable variations are available. Some of the popular designs include ballerina headbands, double/single strand pearl headbands, floral headbands, and many others.Wedding Hairclips
While many women prefer a larger than life approach to wedding hair accessories, others lean more towards minimalism. Bridal hairclips are just the perfect choice for brides with the flair for conservative accessorizing.

One of the advantages of using hairclips instead of tiaras or headbands is that minimal styling will be required. Hairclips go well with practically all kinds of hairstyle and brides will not have to worry about securing the piece because it has a latch that will hold for many hours.

When choosing a bridal hairclip, it is best to consider the visual appeal of the accent piece. You can go as simple or as grand, depending on which bridal look you are going for. A number of high-end designer clips are made with excellent accents such as diamonds or rinestones and other semi-precious stones, which lend class to an otherwise pedestrian hair accessory.Bridal Hair Combs
When it comes to timeless and classic wedding hair accessories, you can never go wrong with bridal hair combs. Not only are these pieces very elegant, but they are also very easy to use and incorporate in any hairstyle.

These combs come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so brides can expect to be spoiled with choices. Some bridal hair combs are rather simple and understated, while others are grand and rich. Many brides these days prefer their wedding hair accessories as shiny and sparkly as possible, thus choosing diamond or sapphire studded combs.
Other Accessories
If you think none of the items above suits your style as a bride, you might consider other hair accessories. Among the popular choices include hairpins, twist-ins, barrettes, birdcage veils, hair slides, Concorde clips, hair claws, etc.

Deciding on the best hairstyle and bridal hair accessory can be a daunting task. However, entertaining all possible choices would make the process a bit easier and perhaps even fun for some brides. It all boils down to what you feel most comfortable in, and what piece you think goes best with the occasion and/or theme of the wedding.

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