The Hair Fad Called Emo

Emo is not exactly a new thing. As a matter of fact, it has been around since the eighties but it has only gained popularity these days as part of revival fashions. It’s basically associated with a specific style of rock music that has influenced how people dress and carry themselves. Some are even inclined to believe that emo is a whole new way of thinking. It’s a new culture that is pretty popular with today’s younger generation. From clothing to hairstyles to behavior, emo has penetrated our society when it was, in fact, originally considered against the norm.

Emo fashion is commonly characterized by a specific hairstyle. Long straight fringe bangs swept to the side of the face or covering one or both eyes. Uneven, spiked cuts and dyed black – these are the main features of this style. Some have also been known to wear light blonde hair. For shorter hair, it has to messy but not spiked. Again, it’s supposed to cover the forehead or look like you’ve just gotten out of bed. Some also wear mop top hair.

Contrary to popular belief, emo is pretty flexible depending on the image you want to project. There is such a style called nerdy emo – messy, short, black hair combined with horn-rim or cat eye glasses. It’s an ideal look for guys in their twenties. For younger people, the indie emo look which has spiked bangs swept to the side works great. For girls, you can either cut your hair to shoulder-length with uneven edges. For a dressier or more polished look, an emo hairstyle idea would come in the form of flipped out hair for girls and a mop top for men. This look is great for people over twenty.

As a general rule, the emo hairstyle looks good for those in their twenties. Just make sure that you have the right attitude to go with the hair and you should be good to go.

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