Pull Back Hairstyle (Ponytail)

Beautiful Long Hairstyles — Long Haircuts

Many Hollywood stars have chosen to wear their hair long. Some opt for luscious curls while others opt for a long layered look. It seems the longer and more luscious the star’s hair is the more beautiful she is considered. Whether you are an aspiring Hollywood star, a stay at home mom, or fall anywhere in between, there are several styling options for your long hair.

Pull Back Hairstyle (Ponytail)

Because having a long hairstyle requires more time and work, one of the most popular hairstyles for those with long hair is simply pulling the hair back into a ponytail. Long hair that has been pulled back with an elastic band loosely holding hair at the collar level is a very flattering style. This style takes virtually no time to complete and it provides a soft look around the face while holding the bulk of your hair down the center of your back.

�High On The Head� Ponytail

A “high on the head” ponytail can provide relief from the heat of the hot summer days with long hair. This style is extremely simple and keeps your hair from falling into your face. An elastic band is all that is needed for this style. Pull your long hair back and wrap the elastic around the ponytail high on the head. Be sure to pull your ponytail high enough on your head that your hair barely wisps the back of your neck. This style is excellent for anyone who is active and on the go.

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