Preparing Your Wedding Hair

Have you decided on the kind of wedding hair that you wish to match your beautiful gown with on your big day? Perhaps you feel that it is still too soon to finalize what hairstyle you will be donning for this special occasion. Nevertheless, there are plenty of brides who consider this aspect very important and thus plan for it many months ahead of time!

If you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, you must naturally plan all the details that pertain to your appearance from the nail polish you will be wearing to the hairdo you will be sporting.

Planning For Your Wedding Hair

Things to consider with your perfect wedding hair
Go for a hairstyle that goes very well with your bridal gown or dress. If you are wearing a very formal-looking elegant gown, it would be advisable to put your hair up and accentuate it with matching accessories like white flowers or silver gemstones or hair pieces. If you have a flowing dress for a casual celebration on the beach, then it is more appropriate to let your locks cascade over your shoulders in a natural way.
Consider your location and climate. If the event will be done outdoors where it is windy, you might want to have pins and hair pieces securing it. (Click here for beach wedding hair tips)
Think about the atmosphere of the reception. If you intend to dance to upbeat music, it is recommended that you do not wear your hair loose or it will be difficult to look glamorous as you dance. If your hair moves too much in your face it might not be seen in the pictures as well.
After all the considerations, you can then limit your search. Go through wedding magazines and hairstyle catalogs as well as online photos. Read blogs on wedding hair and learn in the process. This way, it becomes easier for you to decide on the best hairstyle for yourself.

Practicing Your Wedding Hair
A major part of the preparation for your wedding look is to have a “practice day”. A lot of hair stylists today offer trial hair styling sessions for a minimal fee. Some even include it free in their packages.

Once you have set an appointment with your hairstylist, you should make sure to wash your hair well the night before and to blow-dry it smooth. Be sure to use only a minimal amount of hair products. When you go to the professional, bring all the accessories that you will actually be using on the day of your wedding. This way, you can clearly envision how you will look like on that day. You and your hairstylist can also have an idea already of what you may want to change or modify. Moreover, aside from the accessories, also bring pictures of the wedding hair that you desire. These will give the hair expert a better notion of the actual look that you want. Of course you should still allow him or her to provide you with suggestions and to voice out opinions so you can improve the final outcome for the real event.

Other Useful Tips
Dont request last minute changes. Requesting last-minute changes might just end up in a disaster or with a look that you may not fully appreciate. After all, the main purpose of a “practice day” is to know exactly how the chosen wedding hair will look on you. In this regard, be aware also of the importance of doing this practice ahead of time.
Take lots of pictures. Do not forget to take pictures from all angles and to prepare the printouts on the day of the wedding. This way, you can be assured that everything will turn out exactly the same.
Dont let it go to waste! Plan a special night out with your girlfriends so that your practice hairstyle will not go to waste. Indeed practicing your wedding hair will prove to be very beneficial for both you and your hairstylist.

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