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With hair, it seems that those who do not have curly hair want it. Those who have curly hair wish that their hair was straight. Long curly hair is considered attractive and stylish and seems to be the desire of many women. For those who are not blessed with locks of curls, alternatives are available. Choosing to get a perm is the most popular option. A perm causes your hair to curl through a chemical process. Curls can last for three to six months and in some even longer.

A more time consuming method to obtaining curly locks is to use hair rollers or a curling iron. Not only do these methods take more time, they require much more work and the result only lasts until you wash your hair.

With curls the biggest obstacle that women face is taming the frizz that is often associated with having this type of hairstyle. Using the proper styling tools and implementing the aid of the many styling products available can prevent curly hair from becoming frizzy.

Curly hair does have its benefits. Many hairstyles look better with curly hair than with any other type of hairstyle. Many up-dos look better with curls. Allowing your hair to lie in perfect ringlets hanging from your up-do provides and elegant and formal look that is desired by many.

Long Curly HairstyleLong Curly Hair
Long Curly Layered Haircut
Caring for curly hair doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. The best way to care for curly hair is to establish a routine. Curly hair is often more prone to split ends than straight hair. Part of your routine should include scheduling regular appointments with your hairstylist for a trim. The products that you use on your hair should also become part of your routine. At regular intervals, curly hair can benefit from deep conditioning treatments. For your daily routine, incorporate styling products that do not weigh your hair down, yet provide the appropriate amount of hold. Gel, hairspray, and other styling products can often result in build-up, even with frequent washing. A great way to ensure that buildup is removed from your hair is to use approximately a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with your shampoo. This method assists in removing unsightly buildup that can cause your hair to appear weighed down and lifeless.

Choosing a style for those with curly hair is a bit more complicated than for those with straight hair. Curly hair requires more work than straight hair. You must consider the amount of time you will have to spend on your hair each morning. The choice for your long curly hairstyle should be based on your schedule and lifestyle.

Your hairstylist is the most important link to healthy hair. Consult our stylist often for advice and product information. He or she has the education and experience necessary to provide you the valuable information and tips needed to maintain healthy hair.

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