French Braids Hairstyle

Beautiful Long Hairstyles — Long Haircuts

The French braid is a style that can accomplish your goal of an easy and flattering long hairstyle. To begin the French braid, you must decide how far back you want the braid to begin. Once you have made your decision, use a fine tooth comb to part your hair at this starting point.
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Divide this strand of hair into three separate sections. Begin your braid as a classic braid, platting the hair as you would a normal braid. When you have successfully platted all three strands one time, begin grabbing small strands of hair from each side with each successful plat. Incorporate these strands into each braid. Follow this pattern until you have incorporated all of your hair into the braid strand. Use a barrette or a small elastic band to secure the braid. Spray your style lightly with hairspray to hold your style into place and prevent fly-away strands of hair.

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