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Many Hollywood stars have chosen to wear their hair long. Some opt for luscious curls while others opt for a long layered look. It seems the longer and more luscious the star’s hair is the more beautiful she is considered. Whether you are an aspiring Hollywood star, a stay at home mom, or fall anywhere in between, there are several styling options for your long hair.

Pull Back Hairstyle (Ponytail)

Because having a long hairstyle requires more time and work, one of the most popular hairstyles for those with long hair is simply pulling the hair back into a ponytail. Long hair that has been pulled back with an elastic band loosely holding hair at the collar level is a very flattering style. This style takes virtually no time to complete and it provides a soft look around the face while holding the bulk of your hair down the center of your back.

�High On The Head� Ponytail

A “high on the head” ponytail can provide relief from the heat of the hot summer days with long hair. This style is extremely simple and keeps your hair from falling into your face. An elastic band is all that is needed for this style. Pull your long hair back and wrap the elastic around the ponytail high on the head. Be sure to pull your ponytail high enough on your head that your hair barely wisps the back of your neck. This style is excellent for anyone who is active and on the go.

Pull Back HairstyleClassic PonytailCurly Ponytail
High On The Head PonytailHigh PonytailKate Beckinsale High Pony Tail
Frizz Free Curls Long hairstyles with curls are considered one of the most beautiful styles of hair that one can have. Whether your curls are natural or artificial, having long hair can provide you a plethora of choices when it comes to deciding how to wear your curly locks. One of the most beautiful long hairstyles with curls is an up-do with ringlets of curls pinned on top and allowing some to softly fall to frame your face. The trick to the perfect long hairstyle with curls appearing soft, silky, and shiny is to prevent frizz. Curly hair seems to be more prone to frizz than other hair styles. Many products are available that aide in preventing frizz. A quick spritz of hairspray or styling gel can also tame frizzy hair.
Frizz Free CurlsFrizz Free CurlsShakira. Frizz Free Curls
Long Hairstyle Accessories Accessorize your hair with your choice of the many products available. Something as simple as a pair of chop sticks makes a great hair accessory and can help to hold your hair into place. Barrettes are an excellent hair accessory that will allow you to style your hair into a very flattering style and help you keep your hair out of your face. Bobby pins work great to pull small strands of hair into place when you are styling your long hair into an up-do. Bobby pins come in many varieties and colors. Matching the color of your hair accessories to your outfit can make a very stunning long hairstyle. The old stand-by’s, headbands and decorative ponytail holders are always a great way to add a little pizzazz to your hair.
Chop SticksBarrette
Bobby PinsSequined Headband

With a long hairstyle, the choice of accessories is seemingly endless. Think outside of the box when choosing accessories for your long haircut. Mix and match accessories to compliment your outfit or provide a bit of zest to your gorgeous locks.

Popular Long Hairstyles

Having long hair sometimes means that you are in constant search of fast and easy styles to provide a bit of spice. Many stylists have indicated that they have persuaded clients not to cut their long hair into a shorter style simply because of the time and effort required. By providing them with important time saving tips and style ideas, their clients are able to keep their long hairstyles and spend less time on maintaining the style.

French Braids Hairstyle The French braid is a style that can accomplish your goal of an easy and flattering long hairstyle. To begin the French braid, you must decide how far back you want the braid to begin. Once you have made your decision, use a fine tooth comb to part your hair at this starting point. Divide this strand of hair into three separate sections. Begin your braid as a classic braid, platting the hair as you would a normal braid. When you have successfully platted all three strands one time, begin grabbing small strands of hair from each side with each successful plat. Incorporate these strands into each braid. Follow this pattern until you have incorporated all of your hair into the braid strand. Use a barrette or a small elastic band to secure the braid. Spray your style lightly with hairspray to hold your style into place and prevent fly-away strands of hair.
French Braids HairstyleFrench BraidsFrench Braids
Bun Hairstyle Long gone are the days when wearing a bun indicated that one might be an old spinster. With the many hair accessories available, adorning a bun can provide a formal style that is very flattering. To create a bun, simply pull your together as you would if you were making a ponytail. Gather your hair at the approximately where you want the bun to be located. With hair in your hand, begin to twist the strand of hair. Once you have the entire ponytail twisted, begin to wind your hair around in a spring like fashion. Tuck the end of your ponytail beneath the coil and secure with pins or one of the many hair accessories available. By pulling small strands on either side of your head and curling them so that they lie softly around your face, your long hairstyle has been transformed in to a style suitable for any formal occasion. There are many variations to the wearing your hair in a bun. Buns can come in all sizes and shapes. To decide which style is best for your, simply use the trial and error method. If one doesn’t flatter you as you would like, start fresh with a different type. As long as you do not take shears to your style, always remember, that whatever you do can be undone with a simple wash.
Bun HairstyleBunBun Hairstyle
Inside-Out Ponytail The inside-out ponytail is a great alternative to a regular ponytail. Sometimes referred to as a “flip”, the inside-out ponytail takes the standard ponytail to the next level. While even people with shorter hairstyles can effectively wear a ponytail, only those with long hair can pull of the inside-out ponytail. To create this long hairstyle, pull your hair back, grasping it around the neckline. Place a ponytail holder, barrette, or any other hair accessory designed to secure your hair at the position you are grasping around the neckline. Secure the accessory to your hair as you normally would. Just above the ponytail insert you fingers in the middle, between the bottom of your head and the neckline. Take the portion of your ponytail below the hair accessory and pull it up to the separation you have made and then pull it down through the hole. This creates a unique look that is simple to create. This long hairstyle can be adorned with many decorative accessories that can be tailored to your specific occasion. Alternatively, you can create this style in backwards fashion for another unique style that can be worn for nearly any occasion. To create this style in reverse, simply pull your ponytail up from the underneath and pull it through the opening that you created just above the ponytail holder.
Inside-Out PonytailInside-Out PonytailFlip Ponytail
Hair Roll Those with long hair that do not have layers can create a hair roll easily. Layers make this style more difficult and require many more pins to secure the style. To create a glamorous hair roll for your long hairstyle, choose a starting point to the left of your forehead. Using a comb, separate one small section of your hair and begin twisting this section, directing it toward the back of your head. Once you have a few inches twisted, use your comb to separate another small section and add it to the first section. Continue this method until you have included all of your hair on the left side of your head. Use a clip to secure the finished section and move to the right side of your head and begin the process again. Once you have completed the right side, remove the clip from the left side and secure both sections of hair into a pony tail. For more formal styles, a decorative barrette or fashionable accessory can be used to secure the two sections. Bobby pins can be used to tame fly-away hairs.
Hair Roll. Step 1Hair Roll. Step 2
Hair Roll

Quick and Hot Hairstyles

Those with long haircuts are fortunate to have many options from which to choose to style their hair. There are several styles that can be completed easily and result in a sexy, classy look. One such style that can be completed quickly is to create a semi-French twist adorned with decorative chopsticks or a classy pin. Wet hair responds well to this design and it creates an elegant style suitable for any occasion.

  • A ponytail can be adorned with any number of the many accessories available to transform a normally drab style into a classy design. Using scarves or headbands can not only serve to hold hair in place, but add the perfect compliment to the color of your outfit.
  • Another quick style that looks great on those with long haircuts is to simply grab the hair and form a quick twist. Secure the twist with a clip and allow portions of the hair to hang delicately around the secured hair. This is the fastest way to style your hair and still sport a beautiful design.
  • Many people tend to part their hair on the side where the part naturally forms. By combing your hair over and creating a part in a different location, you can create an excellent style that provides an entirely different look. Simply part your hair on the opposite side to determine if this look is one that flatters you.

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